Software Development

Build Your Idea from Scratch
More than 16 years of experience in software product development, we have proven to be a reliable outsourcing partner for tech companies

Set your budget in advance, pass management risks to Emotion and build a product according to your business vision.

With over 16 years of experience in software product development, we have proven to be a reliable outsourcing partner for tech companies and leading enterprises. In our offshore development centers, we deliver full-cycle software development services in a variety of technology stacks and business domains.

From offshore development centers in Ukraine we help technology companies at different stages of a product lifecycle from idea to design, development, testing, support and maintenance.

Our long-term partners ascertain that outsourcing new product development to Emotion reduces production costs and time-to-market while ensuring high quality, more new features per release and greater innovation. With the help of agile/scrum methodology we always stay focused on the most important things, therefore business critical features are on top and implemented first.

We can assist you through full product development cycle which starts from analysis and requirements gathering and continues to design, implementation testing, deployment and maintenance. Our professional consultants can also help you with the existing product improvement, adjust it to changing market needs and advise on monetization strategy.

While our infrastructure security solutions protect your corporate information from external threats, all sensitive data that you share with your product development team is subject to NDA and is protected by strong corporate policies.

01. Business Analysis

A software development project launch is directly proportional to the qualitative composition of the business analysis stage. 

What is the main idea?

The more time and energy dedicated towards perfecting this stage, the smoother the overall development will proceed. Within the Software Product Development Process at Emotion, we differentiate several steps with each stage involving specific tasks to perform.

Assuming that the Business Analysis stage was preceded by Business Discovery with the corresponding background info gathered, specified stakeholders, and discovered business objectives, the Business Analysis phase will consider the following activities:

Each step within the business analysis phase may be longer or shorter, depending on the type of project.

02. UI / UX Design

Software engineering activities aimed at providing a memorable and successful user experience with a rational user interface will not only make your users accomplish set business goals with your software but will also make them interact and come back again and again. 

What is the main idea?

At this stage, our experts focus on the system’s communication with a user, working out smooth animations, transactions between interface states, quickly visualizing basic flows and the overall structure of a service.

With a due focus on implementing the functionality and exposing features of a system through a user interface, we create usability for the system by wrapping it into a fancy and pleasant visual identity. Not only functional but usable, not only usable but visually appealing, not only appealing but innovative – this is our approach to creating enjoyable, innovative, and engaging software products.

03. MVP/Product Development

Through almost a decade of successful technology cooperation, Emotion helps businesses empower their ideas with software products that really matter.

What is the main idea ?

With full-cycle software development services, our highly skilled, in-house managed team will help you establish software product engineering process, adjust your development for better outcomes, and enhance your software with innovative technology. Building advanced digital products tailored for the business is our biggest mission and business passion.

If your company requires software engineering support, Emotion offers cost-effective and cross-functional software product development to help you make a bright Tech Start with minimum viable product (MVP). Helping you find your market, find loyal users, and test your ideas with MVP will help you find the correct investors or partners.

For further product development and customization, Emotion offers its brightest technology talents and modern high-tech facilities to create a dedicated software development center. Emotion helps businesses ensure concrete alignment with the client’s business processes, following all the corporate policies, sharing business responsibilities, and offering explicit software product development services and support. To ensure your modern business keeps pace with technological advances, within our development center you will have complete access to our innovative R&D services.

Depending on the type of the software engineering services you would prefer, the outcome of the technological cooperation will be:

04. Quality Control

The software product engineering process at Emotion has a very significant key motive going throughout all the stages of the software crafting and it is quality with its assurance. 

What is the main idea?

The software product engineering process at Emotion has a very significant key motive going throughout all the stages of the software crafting and it is quality with its assurance. The matter of quality at Emotion is above software testing itself and concerns ensuring quality at the company level and quality control within the project level.

Quality Control at the Product Development Phase has numerous processes and activities to present customers with flawless software for their evaluation. Each Quality Control activity adds a unique value to find defects as early as possible to prevent any possible malfunctions. QA leads define quality strategy for the entire project and revise it as the project evolves.

At Emotion, we apply Manual and Automated Testing techniques to ensure the quality of the software product we deliver to our customers and are not only providing testing services, but applying thoughtful testing methodologies and tools with the divergent and most effective approaches to testing and test design.

Under Quality Control process, we consider the agreed documents, scripts, and testing-related data we provide our clients with over the course or at the end of the Software Product Development Phase.