Company Overview

More than 16 years of Software Development Experience

“Emotion” is a Ukrainian technology company located in Kyiv. We deliver Consultancy Services, Software Development Solutions, Cloud Computing Solutions, Managed Services and IT Outsourcing Services to local and global small to medium enterprises. Our reputation constantly growing thanks to our experienced engineering team and international know-how blended with local experience.

Innovative solutions delivering a product,
which includes tomorrow’s technology – already today!.

To become a well-known information technology company on the local market, we worked hard and made a great effort to reach the highest quality of our software products and as a result, we have evolved into a very reliable partnership for software development projects.

Our programs, care, services, and problems solutions have already won sympathies with many users. Along with quality, attractive pricing remains to be one of the main characteristics of our products. We position ourselves as your long-term business partners. Emotion provides a strong and wide-spread support service whenever the customer needs and that is an important advantage for the companies.

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Why Us


Creating innovative IT solutions to satisfied clients worldwide and building relationships based on professionalism and trust.

Return on

We like do business as partners, so we work hard on projects from step one accordingly to terms of return on investment.

with Emotion

Emotion is looking for candidates who are ready to join the company that loves to make the world a better place with innovative software products while using modern technologies.

Future Vision

Our future vision helps us to create software products that will be supported and maintained for many years in optimal budgets for your investment. This will offload the strain and burden of IT Support of the projects and provide the flexibility you demand.

Consider IT Solved

We provide strong and wide-spread support service whenever you need. For 16 years in business we have never approached a client as one-time customer, we always considered them as business partner that we can make their ideas come true.


Designing a flexible architecture is well adapted to agile development methodologies, where decisions regarding the various system components can be delayed until necessary. That it is essential to ensure that the architectural viewpoint is further away than only the next iteration to avoid implicitly growing an organic system where changes will be expensive.


More transparency means better production and happier partners while building trust. You will always be able to see the information necessary to achieve investment goals for your software product.